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In a small goldsmith studio in Vienna three master craftswomen design and manually produce precious jewel bouquets. Each bouquet is unique (and is inspired by a different theme). There is a select and continually growing standard collection. We design most of our bouquets according to the wishes of our customers.

Portrait von Kaiserin Maria Theresia, Mit freundlicher Genehmigung des "Brukenthal Museum Sibiu Rumänien"

The inspiration for our jewel flower bouquets came from the famous "Edelsteinstrauß" exhibited in the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien.


Empress Maria Theresia (1717 – 1780) gave this baroque jewel flower bouquet as a gift to her husband Franz Stephan, Duke of Lorraine 1764.  A magnificent arrangement of glistening flowers and insects all made out of gems, pearls, gold and silver.


Our inspiration was: How would you do that today?


"Thinking about Monet" – our interpretation of a great water lilly pond, "Thinking about Breughel" – a spectacle of flowers from a different time, "The Desert" – the desert is a sleeping garden, we let it bloom, "Alien" –  what would a flower bouquet in a different galaxy look like? Like a normal one, but a little different …

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