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The artist Roswitha Soukup is responsible for inspiration and creativity. She is a graduate
the Berlin University of the Arts, alongside her artistic part at "The Jewel Flowers Vienna"
she is also  actress, in the theater as well as in cinema and television films.

The studio of "The Jewel Flowers" is located in the heart of Vienna,
"The Big Bear" in the Tuchlauben 17 in the
For the completion of various crafts work together:
Goldsmiths, florists, gilders, electroplating etc.


Barbara Ryhänen supported with her many years of experience as a master florist. 

She was too co-responsible for the floral decoration at the famous annual
New Year's Concert in the Wiener Musikverein.

Christian Fail: Goldsmith

Arteum, the Center for Sculpture.They make the bowls out of stone.

Sidonie Pacher: Goldsmith

Erik Eckel: Goldsmith

Nicole Inführ: Goldsmith


Complementation finds the team at the companies:

Erich Dungl Goldleaf

Waltraud Luegger

Galvanik Austria

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